“Dificuldades preparam pessoas comuns para destinos extraordinários.”
C. S. Lewis   (via deliberei)



Thorloki in Thor: The Dark World (4/?)

File under “Reasons why they are realistic siblings number 2394856264” 



at first i tought it was cappuccino

a catpuccino

Just realized something


In their duo, Sherlock is the brain, John is the heart, yes?

Now, notice:

Sherlock’s problems are in his heart (sociopath, not caring)

John’s problems are in his head (the psychosomatic limp, post traumatic stress disorder)

In the time they were together they sort of “fixed” each other. Sherlock made John’s limp go away and John helped to coax out Sherlock’s more human side.

These two are just lovely little puzzle pieces. Platonic or not, they’re just such SOULMATES.


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